Does the equity in the property have to be worth double the amount of the bail?
The answer is no. The Property-bond may be comprised of several properties and the equity in each property is calculated at half the amount, 50 cents on the dollar.

How much does it cost to do a property bond?
Each bond is different and the expenses associated will vary. For example, the appraisal cost for a single family dwelling is very different from a commercial property. Property bond service will quote you a cost after we are acquainted with all the pertinent facts. It will always be the least expensive way to be released.

Can I do a combination Bail Bond / Property bond?
A property bond can be a combination of equity in property and an insurance company bail bond and the law is clear that this is not bail stacking.

What happens if the defendant runs away?
In case the accused does not appear in Court, the homeowner has 180 days to bring back the defendant before the court, or pay the amount of the bail that was guaran teed.

Will I lose my home if the person fails to appear or is late for court?
Anyone can have an accident or get sick and his attorney can usually get the case back on calendar without forfeiture of the bond. Also, California bail law allows 180 days for the accused to be brought back before Summary judgment is entered. A property can also be refinanced and the Court paid off the amount of the bond guaranteed.

Does my title change?
No, a lien is simply placed on the property for the duration of the case.

Can I withdraw a property bond?
Yes, defendant can surrender into custody and you can ask the j udge to exonerate your propertybond.

Does the property owner have to be a family member?
No, anyone who qualifies can post your property bond. However, the law is clear that the property owner should not be charging money for posting the bond.